Dear Friends and Patients,

I am pleased to announce that as of August 30, 2017, I will be returning to my home state of Washington. As a result of this change, I will be converting to a virtual practice.   I am teaming up with my husband Dr. Robert Maki.  Our practice name is Progress Your Health.  Our website is

I value you as a patient and the relationship we have developed.  I hope that you will come with me as a virtual patient.  We can still have our appointments by video consult or phone.  This change will not affect the process we have created.  It means, instead of seeing you in person, we can have our visits in a timely manner by phone or video consult.  I can still order your blood work and provide prescriptions.   

Your medical records will be moved to my new office location on August 30, 2017. If you would like to have your records sent to another practice, please have that practice send a release form to my new office.

I realize that change can be difficult.  I have an amazing staff and assistant and hope to make the transition as smooth as possible for you.  It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to continue working with you. 


Valorie Davidson, ND


please see below for additional information regarding appointments, blood work, prescription refills and supplements.

I want to make an appointment:

Online scheduling: go to and pick your date and time of your choice.  Once you have made your appointment, our assistant Erika Benedickt, will call you to confirm.  Or you may call or email our assistant Erika to make your appointment.

Direct Line: 702-769-5759


I already have an appointment:

If you currently have an appointment scheduled after August 30, 2017, your appointment is still valid.  Your scheduled appointment will be switched to a virtual consult.  Erika will contact you to confirm your appointment and answer any questions you might have.

If you want to reschedule or cancel your appointment, contact Erika at 702-769-5759 or email erika@progressyourhealth. You can also go online to to cancel or reschedule your current appointment.

I need a new lab requisition form:

You will need a new lab requisition for future appointments with Dr Valorie.  

Send an email to with your name and what lab you use if your insurance has changed. If you are paying cash for your blood work, we have reasonable priced labs through Quest and Labcorp. To make the process easier, if you have a current blood work form, please take a picture of it and email it to Erika.

I need prescription refills:

If you are using Renaissance Health Centre, you can continue getting your prescriptions there.

If you are using Harbor Compounding Pharmacy, your information has already been converted and you will not need to contact anyone.

If you are using another pharmacy such as Women’s International, Partell, Solutions Specialty, National Pharmacy, Wellcare Pharmacy, contact Erika at or 702-769-5759 to refill your prescriptions.

I need my supplements:

If you have been getting your supplements from Renaissance Health Centre, you can continue buying them there.  

Visit our online store:

Click on the tab titled, ‘Dr Davidson's Favorites’ and your products are all listed there.

You can also use the search box at the top to find your desired product.

If you are unable to find the correct product, contact Erika and she will custom order for you.  Your supplements will be delivered within three business days.  

As a Dr. Valorie Davidson patient, your supplement shipping charges are free.  

If you are purchasing from the state of Nevada, you will not have to pay sales tax.  

For free shipping, use discount code FREEDRD when ordering.


Dr. Davidson's Assistant:

Erika Benedickt

Direct Line: 702-769-5759

Fax: 800-584-1763