Dr Maki and Dr Davidson have worked with thousands of women balancing hormones since 2003. So there is not much they haven’t seen when it comes to hormones.

Plus we understand that it can be difficult to bring up sensitive topics about hormones with your doctors. And many women have difficulty even finding answers to their hormonal questions.

One of our main goals is to help educate anyone that is interested in perimenopause, menopause and hormone imbalances.


We encourage questions and concerns. Whether it is about sexual health, BHRT dosing, proper lab testing or just trying to understand if you might have a hormone imbalance. All questions are welcome. If you have a question, that means there are many other women that have the same concerns. Your question can not only be helpful to yourself, but to others that are looking for answers as well.

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    It is great to be able to share information about topics that are underserved or not talked about in your general healthcare setting.

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