Frequently asked

Becoming A Patient

Your start to becoming our patient is your initial consult. After your initial consultation there will be a follow up appointment that is usually 2-3 months later to assess your goals and see if any changes need to be made.

Thereafter, future follow up consults are every 4-6 months. Read further about more information about the consultations, pricing, blood/lab work, insurance and prescriptions.

  • 60 minutes in length
  • Prior to your initial consultation we will get you set up for blood/lab work and collect any past labs as needed.
  • Treatment plans include your health goals, personal information, labs/blood work review and the steps to start balancing your hormones.
  • Your treatment plan includes all supplementation information discussed as well as a timeline for future blood work and follow-up appointments. If prescriptions are necessary they will be called into the pharmacy after your appointment.
  • Includes addressing your main health concerns and the services you are seeking.
  • Initial Consultation fee is $495
  • 30 minutes in length
  • Includes addressing your progress based on the initial treatment plan and reviewing lab results.
  • Treatment plan is updated based on follow-up to determine prescription changes, supplements, and lifestyle changes.
  • Follow-Up Consultation fee is $165.
  • We are a cash business and do not accept insurance for appointments/consultations.
  • We charge patients for services rendered after consultations have been carried out.
  • We accept credit cards, HSA accounts, Zelle, Paypal and Venmo.
  • We issue a billing receipt via email after every appointment a patient has. Billing receipts include all necessary information for you to communicate with your insurance company, depending on your policy, for potential reimbursement.
Lab Testing / Blood Work

Blood/lab work is a great tool for helping to assess whether you are in perimenopause, menopause or having any type of hormone imbalance. Seeing lab results combined with your personal symptoms can provide incredible knowledge in your start to balancing your hormones. It also is very helpful to watch the changes in your lab work as you begin to feel better and what necessary changes are needed as we work together.

When it comes to patients obtaining blood work we strive to be as accommodating as possible, both financially and for personal convenience. We have three options for obtaining blood work. Depending on your location and personal insurance policy not all of these options may be available to you.

Cash lab work

Perhaps you don’t have insurance or your insurance has a very high deductible. Doing cash labs through our office can be much more affordable for those that do not have insurance or have a high out of pocket deductible.

Perhaps your insurance policy requires you to see a primary care provider to have labs ordered. And you really do not want to deal with the hassle of making an appointment with a primary care provider, waiting for the appointment and trying to convince the PCP to order these hormone blood tests.

Cash labs work with our office is simple. You pay directly to our office and we provide you with a lab requisition form.The requisition corresponds with one of two major testing facilities: Labcorp (Laboratory Corporation of America).


You might find that your insurance policy allows you to take our lab requisition form right to the lab.

If your insurance allows your labs to be ordered directly through our doctors, then you will be given a lab req form that you can take straight to the lab.

Perhaps your insurance requires you to have your labs ordered by another physician (primary care physician). In this case, we will provide you a list of the lab tests (plus proper test codes) we would like to obtain. This will require patients to contact a physician of their choice/within their network in order to request the physician run the listed labs.

If patients are unsure if their insurance company will cover the cost of the labs we always ask that you check with them. Our doctors are not primary care physicians and typically looked at as “out of network providers”. This may or may not matter to your policy provider. The questions to ask are if they have a preference on which testing facility you attend. We can make accommodations to send patients to most any testing facility. Then clarifying if they have a preference on who / where the doctor is that orders your lab work?

If you are unclear about any of these options or would like to inquire further please call or email the office at your convenience to discuss.