Dr. Valorie Davidson

Welcome to Progress Your Health! I know a bio is suppose to be about me. But here at Progress Your Health. We are here for you! We wouldn’t be in business if it was all about me. The only reason I do what I do, is because I love to help people with their hormonal and health concerns.

Okay, don’t get glossy eyes on me. Here come the credential stuff… I graduated from the University of Washington with my undergraduate degree in 1996 and graduated from Bastyr University with my Naturopathic medicine degree in 2004. I have been practicing medicine as a Naturopathic Doctor since 2004. Focusing on hormone replacement, hormone health, thyroid disorders, natural weight loss and anti-aging strategies.

But there is so much more than these simple words. The goal is to help you live the best, healthy life you can. Prevent future disease, improve your current quality of life. Educate you on physiology and how YOU can take action on improving and maintaining health. From improving sleep, hair and skin, to energy, to weight loss and libido. You have the power to make change. Like I said, this is about YOU. I am just the guide to help empower you to live the healthiest life you can.