Hi there! My name is Erika and I am the Community Coordinator for Progress Your Health.
I work with clients in our Progress Your Health community to ensure the best possible experience for them. In fact, everything we do here at Progress Your Health, you will find me involved with. Primarily sales, customer and client relations, and even writing and video. I love it all! Staying on top of this fast-paced business, I have to be organized.

In fact, as Dr. Maki says, I am “too” organized. I don’t think you can be too-organized or too meticulous when it comes to working with our Progress Your Health Community. I enjoy the variety and I am very passionate about health, anti-aging, and wellness. Dr. Davidson says that I have the memory that an elephant would envy but that’s only because I really love our Progress Your Health Community and being a part of the team. I will also admit that I am a recovering perfectionist.

Not only am I passionate about health and wellness, but I love anti-aging and beauty.

When I am not being a superstar at Progress Your Health, I love working with makeup of all flares. From enhancing natural beauty to camouflaging flaws and highlighting natural features. Come Halloween, you will find me coming up with creative ways to make costumes of all styles come to life.

I love hiking, reading, and binging Netflix (who doesn’t?!). Maybe this last tidbit will tell you the most about me – I am a cat person!

Thank you for reading my bio and I hope to connect with you soon at Progress Your Health!