Can Ovarian Failure Be Treated? | PYHP 117

Can Ovarian Failure Be Treated? | PYHP 117

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Progress Your Health Podcast
Can Ovarian Failure Be Treated? | PYHP 117

Can Ovarian Failure Be Treated










Sarah’s Question:

Hi I was diagnosed with ovarian failure at the age of 36. Its been 4 years now, I have been to a few different clinics, trying to figure out what works best for myself. Right now I am using estrogen patches, which do seem to work well, and Prometrium. My main problem that I still face is lack of sleep. The estrogen patches help my mood and sleep some but I have tried a few different progesterone creams and pills, and have not found any improvement in sleep from it. I am wondering what is the brand name of the slow release progesterone you described. Thanks

Short Answer: 

We almost always use bioidentical sustained-release progesterone from a compounding pharmacy. A typical dose we like to start with for sleep is 100 mg. The commercial form of progesterone available at big box pharmacies is Prometrium, which is an instant release. However, in a situation like Sarah’s being diagnosed with Ovarian Failure at 36, we would consider prescribing Rhythmic Dosing to restore her hormones to physiologic levels. This type of dosing protocol is intended to initiate a period in a menopausal woman that still has a uterus. If Sarah still has a uterus, she would also resume menstruating on a monthly basis. Estrogen is what makes a woman a woman. In many cases, the more estrogen a woman has, the better she will feel. The better she will sleep. For more information, below is another episode we did explaining the rationale and how Rhythmic Dosing works.

Episode 91: How to Cycle Bioidentical Hormones?

One of the best pharmacies we work with for Rhythmic Dosing is Harbor Compounding Pharmacy, located in Costa Mesa, CA. They are PCAB Certified and are currently licensed in 32 states.

Feel free to contact us if you have more questions regarding Ovarian Failure or Rhythmic Dosing.

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