Estrogen and Bone Density | PYHP 135

Estrogen and Bone Density | PYHP 135

Progress Your Health Podcast
Progress Your Health Podcast
Estrogen and Bone Density | PYHP 135

In this episode, we talk about the benefits of estrogen on bones. A listener’s question
(Alison) inspired this episode. Alison asked if taking vaginal biest has the same heart
and bone effects that other estrogens and estrogen therapies have.
So, we wanted to expand on estrogen’s role in helping keep bones strong and healthy.
In this episode, we expand Alison’s question into:
● What is bone formation and resorption?
● How does estrogen help with bone formation?
● How does estrogen help discourage bone degeneration?
● What lifestyle factors contribute to promoting healthy bones?
● What lifestyle factors contribute to bone degradation?
● Hormone replacement (HRT) and bone density.
● The lowest dose of estrogen for osteoporosis.
● What supplements can help with bone health?
If you have a question, please visit our website and click Ask the Doctor a question.

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