Menopause and Heart Disease Risk | PYHP 136

Menopause and Heart Disease Risk | PYHP 136

Progress Your Health Podcast
Progress Your Health Podcast
Menopause and Heart Disease Risk | PYHP 136

In this episode, we discuss a question from Janice, a podcast listener’s question
regarding the benefits of estrogen therapy for heart health. There is much evidence to
show that estrogen has cardiovascular protective benefits. We wanted to discuss how
estrogen benefits heart health and can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
Janice’s Question:
Are Biest 50:50 sublingual tablet safe? My Dr. prescribed 2.5 mg tablets but told me
To take ½ tablet in AM and ½ tablet in PM. I’m worried about blood clots, cancer etc.
In this episode, we dive into:
● Estrogen and its positive effects on cholesterol.
● Differences between men and women in terms of cardiovascular risks.
● Women have less risk of cardiovascular disease because of estrogen levels in
the body.
● How does estrogen can help reduce the risk of heart disease?
● What is cholesterol?
● HRT and Cholesterol
● Break down the components of cholesterol and what they mean.
● How does estrogen help manage blood pressure?
● Types of estrogen hormone replacement can be used for menopause to help
● How weight gain occurs in menopause to increase risks for cardiovascular
If you have a question, please visit our website and click Ask the Doctor a question.

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