Why Am I Getting Acne In My 40s? | PYHP 119

Why Am I Getting Acne In My 40s? | PYHP 119

Progress Your Health Podcast
Progress Your Health Podcast
Why Am I Getting Acne In My 40s? | PYHP 119

why am I getting acne in my 40sPatient Question: Why am I getting acne in my 40s?

Short Answer: Women’s hormones are always changing. From puberty to middle age, to when the ovaries cease producing hormones in menopause. When we hit our 40s, our progesterone starts to decline. And our estrogen levels drop slightly as well. But the androgens, which are testosterone and DHEA do not decline. That means that there is less progesterone and estrogen to buffer the effects of the androgens.

Testosterone and DHEA are great, useful hormones for a female’s body. They help with muscle mass, motivation, ambition, libido, bone density, and stress management to name a few. But in our 40s when estrogen and progesterone start to decline that makes the androgens the ‘leaders of the hormonal pack.’

There is no buffer against the negative side effects of androgens. One being, acne. Women in their 40s are usually still getting a period and cycling. So that means that the breakouts and acne are worse anywhere from 7-14 days before their period. That is because women really only make progesterone in the last half of their cycle. Those days being days 14-28.  Because of the decline of progesterone, acne can be quite prominent before a period.

But because the estrogen may have declined a bit in our 40s, we are still apt to have breakouts all month long. Because acne in the 40s is from the unopposed androgens, the acne is mostly on the chin and jawline. Although the neck and back are also common in a lot of women in their 40s. And the breakouts are more cystic in nature. They are deep and hard to “pop” (which we all know we should never ever do, and yes, I can’t help it either). And cystic acne lasts for weeks. So when one cystic pimple is starting to heal, aggravatingly three more show up. It is very frustrating.

In addition too unbalanced androgens, stress, and cortisol levels can exacerbate acne. Women in their 40s are busy. There are family commitments, work, home life, and trying to stay fit is certainly not as easy as it was in our 20 and 30s. Plus the drop in progesterone and estrogen lets the androgens (testosterone and DHEA) make us feel more easily ‘testy.’ The stress and unbalanced hormones cause cortisol levels to rise. Which unfortunately also makes the breakouts worse.

We really like to use Acnutrol and Inflammatone to help with breakouts.

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Also, if you are in your 40’s, check out my new book: The Perimenopause Plan.

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If you have more questions about your hormones, feel free to contact us.


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