How Long Does Menopause Last?

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. 20 January 2016

How Long Does Menopause Last?


Menopause is a process that every female will eventually go through. A women has truly entered menopause after she has missed her period for a full year or has had an oophorectomy/hysterectomy (removal of ovaries and uterus).

Menopause is not an overnight occurrence but is a phase of a life that can last from one year to 5+ years. In menopause the female hormones decline and cease output all together. The change in hormonal climate can create unwanted symptoms or no symptoms at all. It all depends on the woman whether her symptoms will be very intense or mild.

It also depend on that individual how long the symptoms of menopause will go on. Some women will suddenly stop their period and never have one again, and never have a symptom. Honestly, it is rare that a woman’s doesn’t have signs of menopause. If there is no hormone intervention:

  • Usually the hot flashes and night sweats are more intense the first year and will slowly subside up to five years. Although, many women report hot flashes well into their 60’s; the hot flashes are not often and not as intense.  
  • Insomnia is the worst the first year, but will improve shortly after the first year.  But some women really have a hard time with the insomnia and need natural sleep remedies.
  • The vaginal dryness will start shortly after missing her first period and usually will not resolve without intervention such as hormones, or a good quality lubricant.
  • Brain fog is variable, but is worst the first year and will improve with time.
  • Because of the drop in hormones, metabolism will slow down. Avoiding weight gain is manageable as long as one is conscious of healthy eating.
  • Skin and hair can change from no longer making hormones. These changes can be manageable if one is making sure to have a good skin and hair products and routine.
  • Lower libido can occur with menopause so it will be important to make time for partnership and intimacy.
  • There are a lot more symptoms and natural symptom relief in menopause that will be addressed later in more specific blog posts.


Every woman that has gone through menopause will have her own story as menopause is different for everyone.  The length that women will experience menopausal symptoms is very individualized.

Women that choose hormonal intervention with an experienced, skilled physician, will have an easier time dealing with unwanted menopausal symptoms.  But even without hormonal intervention, menopause can be brief and usually symptoms will resolve with time.  Look for future articles with natural treatments for menopause.

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When you say symptoms are worse in the first year, that means the first year with no period, yes? The 12 months before post menopause?

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