What is Estrone?

. 20 January 2016

What is Estrone?

Estrogen: Estrone (E1)

When you think of a woman’s hormones, the first thought is estrogen, but did you know that there are three different forms of estrogen?

Three types of estrogen in a woman’s body:

  1. Estrone (E1)
  2. Estradiol (E2)
  3. Estriol (E3)

Estrone is very important in the female body as all the forms of estrogen are. It is important that estrone is balanced with the estradiol and estriol otherwise, too high estrone can cause unwanted symptoms.

Symptoms of high Estrone:

  • Weight gain, especially in the waistline and abdomen
  • Moodiness: emotional with more of a tendency toward feeling weepy and easily irritated
  • Cravings: munchies for processed carbohydrates such as sugars
  • Fatigue: sleepy in the day and hard to wake up in the morning
  • Heavy periods: periods are longer and heavier with more clotting
  • Midcycle spotting can happen when estrone is high or not balanced with estriol and estradiol
  • Irregular bleeding can occur is the estrone is too high with hormone replacement

Estrone is made by the ovaries, but it is also made by fat cells as well.  Which means high estrone promotes weight gain (especially in the stomach) hence, promotes more estrone to be made. By reducing or balancing the estrone can help promote weight loss.

Estrone is found in higher levels in young ladies such as teenagers that are just beginning their journey into womanhood. The estrone is partly responsible for the common teen traits of moodiness, munchie/cravings, defensive, grumpy, easy weight gain.

Hormones balancing is a fine art, which requires the knowledge of a licensed, experienced naturopathic physician as it is so specific to the individual.

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I am a 45 year old female, approx 125 lbs 5’1″. I have recently been skipping periods. I am typically very regular.
My test results are as follows
Estradiol Enh 259 pg/ml
Estrone 201 pg/ml
LH 1.3 intU/L
FSH 2.9 intu/L
Just wondering if this may be a possible indicator of menopause in the near future. Thank you.

Emily Dommel

I am 62 yrs old, diagnosed with ER positive breast cancer and have been through lumpectomy and radiation. The oncologist recommended starting an inhibitor but found through a blood test that my Estradiol level is less than 5.0 and my Total estrogens level is 98. My Estradiol level appears normal for being post-menopausal but the oncologist feels that the total estrogens level on my lab test is high. From what I understand, the Estradiol level for my age should be less than 10 pg/ml and the Estrone level should be 7-40 pg/ml. What should the post-menopausal level be for “total estrogens?”
Thank you for your reply. Emily

Floria Kiscellus

Why won’t doctors here in Texas, hormone docs at that, draw estrone levels? They say it is not important based on RECENT studies. Can someone please point me to those studies?


I’m 52. I’ve was given .75 mg of estradiol cream to use daily which I’ve used for over a month but still symptomatic – hot flashes, bloating, foggy thinking, no sex drive and insomnia.

I had my blood levels checked myself (actual blood draw, am before using hormones)
Estradiol .17 pg/ml
Total Serum Estrogen 162.3 pg/ml
FSH: 89.0 pg/ml

I I’m not sure what’s going on but I don’t think I’m absorbing the cream. I’m tall and thin 5ft 9″ 127 lbs. My estrogen was recently increased by my provider to .75 estradiol/.75 estriol (1.5 total) daily. This seems like an awful lot. I was initially given 40mg of progesterone cream to use but couldn’t tolerate the side effects. I have been switched to 30mg slow release capsule twice a day which I seem to be tolerating but I’ve just started. I did notice an imeadiate increase in fluid retention – fingers and ankles swollen.

I am confused by the lab results. Is total serum low? Estradiol definately is. I was wondering if the estradiol I have been taking could possibly be converting to estrone? Would it helpful to have a full estrogen panel done? Take the tests after dosing so I can see if I’m absorbing? I’m so frustrated by the care I’ve been receiving but there aren’t many options available in my area. At this point the creams are just really expensive moisturizers.




I just found out my Estrone level is 291…I have Hypothyroidism…I don’t know where to begin!



I am a 50 yo female, still menstruating, but recent bloodwork indicates I am most likely starting menopause. My results are:
oestrone 45.8 Ref. range: 100-250
estrodial 54.7 Ref. range: nd-160
estriol <0.07 Ref. range: <0.08
progesterone 0.8 Ref. range: .33-1.2
testosterone, free <0.3 Ref. range: 0.3-1.9
luteinizing hormone 19.1 Ref. 1.1-11.6
My DO told me my estrogen levels are fine except for my "hard" estrogen. I have middle weight gain that came on suddenly (over a few months) and I can tell my hormones are changing. Oddly I feel like I have what sounds like the effects of too much estrogen but my levels are within normal range except the one that is low. I am confused! What is your opinion of my numbers?
Thank you!

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