What is Estrone?

Estrogen: Estrone (E1) When you think of a woman’s hormones, the first thought is estrogen, but did you know that there are three different forms of estrogen? Three types of estrogen in a woman’s body: Estrone (E1) Estradiol (E2) Estriol (E3) Estrone is very important in the female body as all the forms of estrogen […]

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What is Estradiol?

  Estrogen: Estradiol (E2) Estradiol (E2) is one form of estrogen in a woman’s body. The other types of estrogen in a lady’s system is estrone (E1) and Estriol (E3). These three forms of estrogen have their own unique properties but also work together in a woman’s body. The balance of estradiol to estrone and […]

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What is Estriol?

Estrogen: Estriol (E3) When people think of a woman’s hormones, they usually just think of estrogen. But there are actually three forms of estrogen in a woman’s body.  These three estrogen forms being estrone, estradiol and estriol. Estriol is the gentlest form of estrogen. Many think of estriol as being weak or even insignificant.  Actually, […]

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What is Biest?

What is Biest? Biest is a treatment used in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) for menopausal symptoms and anti-aging treatment.  Biest is the combination of estradiol (E2) and estriol (E3). Estradiol is a fairly strong form of estrogen and estriol is a very gentle form of estrogen. Because Estriol is a gentle form of estrogen, […]

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Do I Have Low Testosterone?

It is no secret that testosterone levels in men decline with age.  This decline in testosterone is commonly referred to as Andropause, or Male Menopause.  Another term used for low testosterone levels is simply, Low T.  More than likely, you have even seen a tv or radio commercial advertising the term Low T. Research shows […]

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What are the Symptoms of Low Testosterone?

Signs and symptoms of low testosterone can vary in degree and intensity depending on the individual; however, most men agree the symptoms of low T can greatly affect their quality of life. Common symptoms associated with a low testosterone level:  Fatigue and lack of energy Loss or diminish of muscle mass Irritability: feeling grumpy, impatient […]

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